Banner of Love

Step one: making the hearts

For a number of weeks the girls and I worked on painting different hearts off and on. I folded paper in half and cut out a number of different shaped hearts. Then gave them to my daughters to paint***.

***Banner of hearts & Painting more hearts!


Step two : making the kisses

I had an idea in Making the banner to add some X’s and O’s to it all. So the girls and I also painted and made them too.


Step three: putting the heart panels together

It was fun putting the heart panels together with Olivia and Abigail.

I had painted the words on the heart panels earlier in the day and waited for them to dry.

Then Olivia helped me glue the hearts onto construction paper. I then trimmed a little boarder around the individual hearts. They needed a little bit of extra support as the paper kept folding up.

Abigail had fun playing with and collecting the excess pieces from making the borders.

I used some extra yarn to make little ties on the hearts so I could use it to hang the hearts on the wall.

Step four: Putting it all together

I was really happy when this was all done and up on the wall. At first I was going to try to hang them up individually. The more I thought about it I didn’t want to tempt fate with curious toddlers and decorative hearts on the wall held up by tape or thumb tact’s.

So I used more yarn to tie all the pieces together. I was sure to make a knot to hold each panel in place. Then I hung up one end behind a picture already on the wall. I added a second screw in a hole for it that was already on the wall.

My husband didn’t even notice it when he came in the door.:(

I had to point it out to him. I was like “I can’t believe you didn’t notice it”

His reply? once he saw me he stopped looking around the house.  I love him.



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