As seen on TV! Magic Mesh!

We got back a little bit ago and have already installed the Magic Mesh screen / door thing we bought. I have to admit this is pretty darn neat!

I remember seeing it on TV a long time ago and was super tempted to get it. But I didn’t since I just didn’t like the price and after buying a pasta maker as seen on TV that was just a bust… I didn’t want to waste more money on some product that seems way to great! Well, its been up about an hour and its easy to use! So far one of my cats have been able to exit and come inside without a problem. My older kitty hasn’t used it yet.

Both of my girls love the snapping part! So far it seems like a great buy for like 10 dollars!

*updated in comments*


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One thought on “As seen on TV! Magic Mesh!

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    January 23, 2015 at 9:05am

    After prolonged use a few different times, my husband even bought it to try it at our new house to see if the door difference made a difference. So out of three sets of magic mesh none are left! the pieces that hold the magnet come apart to easy and always drop. I spend more time putting them back on than I would turning a handle of a screen door.