Around a month left to go at most!

13510556_1173275816039136_1296072682_n So anytime next month my little girl will be here! I really can’t wait. She’s super active every day dancing around in there. She really seems to love Ozzy and Black Sabbath since most songs by them get her in the groove.

I’m not really craving anything anymore lately. I am drinking up everything. I’m always thirsty! Snapple apples aren’t the best to really drink but I can so down them in like a minute. I’m not normally like that…but I’m drinking that and gator-aid the most when outside in the heat or running around town doing errands.

Everything is going great at the doctors. No dilation yet of any kind. This is my¬†first pregnancy to be this far along without at all being dilated in some manner or another. ūüôā

We pretty much are mostly ready for her to come. There are some things left to buy and other things left to do. Overall, we are in great shape and its nice to be feeling this prepared for a baby. That’s another first for me!

Yesterday we picked up a rocker/bouncer thing that Livy and Abby have been using with their moemoes. They really can’t wait to have their little sister in it so they can rock her and sing to her. ¬†If they aren’t playing with that they are sticking their toys in the new baby bath tub to learn how to use it because they need to teach her how to wash her hair since they are big girls and know how to do that.

I still need to wash all her clothes and bedding. I plan to do that in the middle of next month or so. ¬†In most cases, its not really smart to wash clothes before having baby if one were to have purchased all new items etc. That way if the clothes aren’t the right size they can be exchanged for what will actually fit. But I’m pretty confident on size since she will be my third baby and second summer baby. She’s measuring right on track to be another ~ 8 lb baby like Livy and Abby were. ¬†So a lot of her stuff will actually be stuff I had used with her older sisters but I was still sure to get some very special pieces that will have been just hers too.

So basically¬†alls we really need to get are the small items like toiletries¬†and such and a diaper bag. I’d have used the one I had for both Livy and Abby but that has seen years of use. I had to finally retire it when the material to hold the straps wore through enough that another patching wouldn’t fix. Plus, both girls had really out grown the need for one. ¬†I really hope I can find one similar to what I had in the past since it was amazing and worked so wonderfully for so long!

Lastly, I need to find / buy a carebear that will be special for her. So we can do her monthly Carebear growth pictures!





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