Are you watching the Moon tonight?

Tonight, October 18th, there will be a Lunar Eclipse where people can see some of the Earth’s shadow dance across the surface of the moon. I definitely plan on being outside with my family to watch this! Luckily we do live on the Eastern side of the United States. I have already picked up some snacks to enjoy by the bonfire.

While at the store I saw some giant orange pumpkin shaped marshmallows! I don’t remember ever having ones like that, so I did pick them up. Well, I gave Livy the choice between those and a bag of smaller ghosts/etc shaped marshmallows. She loves orange and picked those.

I have a salsa chili going for dinner so we might eat that outside too. The weather is going to be pretty chilly but we will have the fire, some blankets, and each other for warmth.

Have any plans? I need to charge my camera to try for some good pictures!



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