Are you ready for the superbowl?

My family is ready for the big game tomorrow. Sadly a lot of our snack foods will not be majorly healthy. In fact it will be carb city!

The plan for the meal is to do pizza. I found a really neat coupon for buy two get one free for DiGiorno pizzas.  I think its a nice compromise from ordering take out or doing a lot of fast food. So baby step into the right direction.

Then for finger snacks I am going to be making my homemade potato balls.  I LOVE them!

Then my super favorite a black bean cheese dip with Tostitos’. Which were also another great bargain.

Since we stated sales and deals. There was an offer of a free bottle of pop with the purchase of a bag of Tostitos and a DiGiorno pizza. The pizzas were on major sale then the coupon for a free one and a free drink.  Plus, we saved another 5 dollars since we spent 30.



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