Johnny Appleseed Day




 March 11th & September 26 are both Johnny Appleseed Day *

*there were two dates listed and both seem to make sense.. so why not celebrate both?

Its a “holiday” in honor of a John Chapman who earned the nicknamed Johnny Appleseed for planting apple orchards about the united states. More information about him  check out the festival website listed below.

Do you like apples? I love them!  I was super excited when I found out we had an apple tree on the property when my family lived in Ohio. We have two crab apple trees in our yard in our house down south!

Things to do today:

1. Plant an apple tree!

2. Enjoy some tasty apples in an apple based treat!

  • lionpaw apple bites *recipe*
  • Apple sauce – yummy!
  • Apple butter on toast (so delicious in my humble hungry opinion!)
  • Caramel apples – easy to make or buy at the store! you can make large apple treats or cut them up for wedges to make them easier for smaller hands!
  • apple pie!

3. Color / drawl some apple trees.

4. Attend any apple festivals in your city.

 Johnny Appleseed Festival Inc



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