Another one on the way!

12584097_1031239576914925_1451217260_nI’m pretty darn excited for today. I’m officially 14 weeks along in this pregnancy and into the second trimester!

I can’t be more excited! Both of my daughters are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their soon to be baby sister or brother.

My girls really cant wait. My oldest made a little snowman family with all the snow that has struck my area sending the state into one of emergency… she was just adorable. Livy┬ámade three baby snowman to represent her, her little sister Abby, and the baby on the way. She had the little one attached to my butt since shes convinced I will poop him out.

Then she made big snow men for her daddy, her aunt T, and Uncle J.

It was just so cute how carefully she made each person.

Abigail keeps tickling the baby / my belly and asking when they can start playing with her too.


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