Another mixup with drs


So the appointment I was pretty nervous about thinking it was the big test, turned out to not be the big test. When the dr scheduled Delilah to see the pediatric gastric specialist she was suppose to be scheduled for the test AND then an appointment to see the specialist to discuss the test.  Somehow the test part wasn’t scheduled and we go to the appointment to discuss the results of the test that was never done.

So we did talk to the dr, they are scheduling the test (still no word back yet, but going to call tomorrow if they don’t call today with appointment).  Changes in her diet are that she is to have  no more eggs, pasta, or new foods on top of no milk/dairy.

More blood work done and the results came back ALL NORMAL.

So more waiting. Praying its just allergies to hopefully be outgrown.. And not the stomach lining/growth in the intestines which might be the problem.


Also been on the phone with her doctors office over them losing her medical history documents concerning vaccinations.  Still no answers on why they lost it or if they are gonna find it. I’m getting pissed I didn’t stay in the office and demand the paperwork be filled out then. My hands were busy with her still being sick and not feeling great after she had the allergic reaction to them.


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