Angels, Dreams, and Prayers

“Allow yourself to see visions, allow yourself to dream dreams; and you may hear the voice of God reaching out to you.”  That was my “message from God” in a facebook application. ****

It seems like a real fitting message to be reading just now after a kind of crazy and hectic morning and past few days.  My little girl is in the hospital and has been for four days now. We were looking at maybe going home today if she can start holding down food and not lose it so quickly.  Well, she started throwing up now and it has black stuff in it.

After cleaning her up she was ready for a nap.  I lay down in bed with her and she looks up at the ceiling and starts babbling away like shes talking to someone. She even giggled a little bit then nursed herself to sleep.

It just seemed eerie she did that. But who knows, maybe she has a little guardian angel looking over her right now.  It is on my mind. Every time I walk the hospital halls I pace this picture called “guardian angel” . It just is such a calming painting.  I took a picture of it this morning with plans to share it. I love it.

I believe in angels and I truly hope one is watching over my girls.  I want my baby girl to feel better and go home.


****  Message from God

pictures –  I didn’t paint this picture and the hospital doesn’t list an artist. But I did use my husband’s cell phone to take these two pictures to share.




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