And the results are in…

Abigail had a follow up dr visit today. They went over the blood work / test and did a skin allergy test.

The results came as a confirmation and surprise. I had a strong feeling she was allergic to milk considering her experiences with it. Like the five day hospital stay when she was first trying out milk and slowing down on breastfeeding.  So she’s allowed nothing with milk in it. I need to double check everything to make sure she doesn’t get it.

I really thought she was also allergic to strawberries. it turns out, those are okay. But the surprise on what is causing occasional break outs? CATS!

We have three cats, two are indoor/outdoor cats and our queen princess who is ten and pretty much indoor only unless its to take a sun bath.

The dr said to keep them from her room and it would be a good idea, when my oldest passes to not adopt more.



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