An hour later, still in time out..

I felt super bad this evening after realizing someone had spent some extra time in time out than they needed to.

Earlier this evening, Olivia and Abigail were playing. Olivia used her carebear Mr Funshine to smack Abigail on the side. I corrected her and was like “you don’t hit your sister”. I know they were playing, but I still don’t want to encourage my kids hitting each other.

Olivia refutes it and says “it wasn’t me, it was funshine hitting her”. So I sent him to time out! Olivia stuck him on the chair where they get to sit for their 1 or 2 minute time outs.

Abigail kept trying to sneak him and Olivia kept saying “no, hes in time out”. Fast forward a bit over an hour later and Olivia comes up to me and asks if Funshine can leave time out, she really wants to play with him.

I felt sooo bad as I thought she had already grabbed him to play with! It turned out she had a different carebear bundled up in her blanket she was playing with. I am so glad it was just a forgotten carebear and not Olivia or Abigail. Granted I doubt either of them would last longer than three minutes in a time out without saying something!



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