All this for free?? Tagged ~30 dollars!

Earlier I had mentioned that yesterday I did go crazy and purchase a ton of halloween stuff on sale at Dollar general in my post titled “Halloween 70% off + additional 50% off!”.

I had basically picked up around 30 dollars worth of stuff. With the discounts for the clearance and extra clearance sale price I had planned to pay around 4.50 cents plus tax. I did also get a non Halloween theme clearance item of the hair clips my girls were wearing which brought my total up to around 5 dollars before tax.

All of that stuff to me was worth spending 5 dollars on it as a splurge!  I saved 5 dollars using a coupon for 5$ off any purchase (no minimal limit).  It made all my Halloween stuff basically free with me only paying a few cents for it all!

I love these kinds of deals!





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