All kinds of good news

19702056_1561658393867541_3742489950863894700_n (1)So I never really got to mention some of the latest tests that Delilah had to do came back with all good results. They did a test to see if a part of her stumach had broke off/got in her intestines and that is a negative. Blood work is fine and she’s growing!

I took this picture of her when she was out walking in the hospital gardens after her test. It was really one awful morning. I couldn’t get her to nurse or eat properly and she wasn’t allowed to eat anything after 10 because she was going to be sedated for the test. She was still happy and would come give me some drive by kisses on her way to playing with her big sisters.

Then at 11 she went into complete grumpy… not happy and starving mode and I could only rock and snuggle her when she cried and wanted to eat. I took her for a long walk in the stroller and she slept for the trip to the hospital in another city.

Then they said she couldn’t be sedated for the test. So I got to hold her legs/feet while the drs/techs pinned her by her arms and head. It was the longest hour of my life. She went to sleep about halfway through. Then she was pretty smiling when she woke up and got to eat. After which we just walked around on the breezy day and she chased leaves and explored the really neat gardens.

I did a lot of praying… and thankfully, all test results came back great!


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