Ah what a few days it has been…

Its 2:47 am and I just finished feeding Liley’s 2 am feeding. I think I’m doing horrible at keeping her meal times at 30 minutes or less. Granted I started at 2:05 am since it took me a few minutes to wake up and make her first bottle. It was formula since there wasn’t any breast milk pumped.. and she was hungry. So here I am getting in my pumping session for this feeding hour!

I’m trying not to stress it so much… I’ve been sneaking in wow time during pumping times… but right now, I really felt like getting things off my chest instead of killing monsters in the video game even if a new expansion launched yesterday.

Its been so damn hectic really playing catch up on everything… this past weekend my husband got all of us unpacked. We officially and completely and totally moved into our house. The only thing left to do in regards to having all of our stuff out of storage is to wash all the laundry items to freshen them up and wash all the dishes/pots/pans that are sorta still sitting in boxes.

I’m doing it one load per a day…+ regular laundry and one box at a time.. It will get done and I will still be sane after it.
spider2We have an interesting visitor hanging out over our laundry line. Hubby gets to relocate it to a neighbors field as I am NOT having this spider spend time with us…over my clothes line and the girls basketball hoop area. Ain’t it scary as hell looking? Yeah, my girls do not like it at all. Neither do I to be honest..

Overall, everyone is doing okay. Livy and Abby have been doing great adjusting to all the new changes going on with having a new baby, starting school, and so on. Today the adorable twosomes thought it was a great idea to dump pixie stick candy in each others hair as a decorations…. So they got early showers and another reminder that only brushes and hair ties should be put there…

I’m trying to stay sane. I’m really sleep deprived feeling. This sleeping 90 minutes 3x a night.. isn’t working. But yesterday I had a nap for an extra hour and half… it really helped out. I didn’t sleep through an alarm feeding only to wake up to a hungry baby girl Liley crying her eyes out for her meal she was 20 minutes late for.

I did get the okay from the dr that everything is good down there after having the baby. Now if only I could get my hormones in check and stop crying over everything. I really hope that once I start working out again it will really do wonders to kicking this feeling of depression. I don’t like it. I really don’t.

I don’t feel like I’m really here for my daughters in how I should be. I feel like and I know I am not as patient as I was and should be. Like yesterday after asking them nine times to pick up their markers.. I went off on a lecture that really upset my oldest girl Livy. I feel awful.

So I really need to get a handle on things or I’m talking to my regular dr about this. My girls deserve much better than a grumpy, sleep deprived mommy.

Pumping done… I got 49 ml this session.. so I feel pretty damn great. That is 11 ml short of 2 ounces.. so its almost half a feeding! 🙂



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