Abigail turned 5!!!

20616011_1591854107514636_3883078359962670113_o My little girl is growing up more and more each day. 🙂

Its been a busy day of watching the Smurfs movie a few times and sewing a lot. Abby wanted me to make some new dresses for everyone and I did. Its my first time trying to sew dresses.  I did it in a very recent pattern that was shown to me. Instead of using two bandannas to make it, I cut out some squares about that size (and a little longer to have them at the right length for my girls).  It wasn’t to hard and I definitely am going to make a few more and do some changes to them in the future!

We went out for pizza and Abigail hid another compassion rock for someone to find. We would have left a few more, but I forgot to grab them and we were running late! 20641267_1593294337370613_1839619001_o


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