A major splurge for a few dollars…

I have been really missing having an oven to bake in. My stove and most of my families house hold items are in storage. 🙁

I found a Black & Decker 4-Slice Toaster Oven on sale for almost 50% off the near 40 dollar price tag. I had over 15 dollars in gift cards for the place that was selling it. So I used those and then paid a few bucks and bought myself a nice little toaster! Its suppose to even be delivered in 2-3 days! I’m so ecstatic!

I can now at least bake little odds and ends like home made croutons. It costs like 4-6 cents to make a batch verses paying over a dollar for a little bag of croutons with all kids of added chemicals.

I am so looking forward to using this mini oven! The girls and I can go back to baking cookies, muffins, and other odds and ends they find on pintrest.



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