A happy shopping turned sour over a horrible subway worker!

12722079_1044309598941256_1618006239_nSometimes, I really wish people had to pass personality tests to be allowed to work in places with people. The experience last night at subway with family was just deplorable. It left my two children in tears and frightened. On a special trip for them to get some big surprises like new bed sets to match their new beds and other things to accessorize and update their room.  It was suppose to be a quick trip to walmart and dinner at the subway inside of it. Easy right? especially since last night it was cold, raining, and snow was expected.

I will be 16 weeks along in my pregnancy tomorrow. And like most of the people who know my family and I, our youngest daughter is allergic to milk/cheese/dairy. So when we do eat out, we need to pick places that can offer/make a meal that is safe for my youngest daughter to eat.

Apparently, ordering a sub and asking for all the cheese to be put on one side of it was to much to ask for. It sent the worker into a hissy fit throwing the cheese into the counter with the meats and storming off while screaming loudly.  My husband said at that point, we are leaving and can eat elsewhere.

My girls who are three years old and five years old didn’t understand. My oldest really loves subway and wanted her little tuna sub. My youngest thought it was all her fault we were not eating there and that she was being bad. I told her it had nothing to do with her, she was a very good girl. It was all of that workers fault for how she is behaving and it is better for us to go somewhere that we can all get a meal to eat which is safe.

We ended up going to get Chinese food which was very tasty! It didn’t quite alleviate the craving I had for a tasty sub… but oh well. I can seriously buy the fixings and make it at home. At least this way I can warm up the turkey so I know its safe to eat while I’m pregnant and won’t have people throwing things at me because asking for cheese on the side was too demanding…

Not to mention the fact there were rather slopping when making the bread! What did they do? Read my email I sent in to subway last night to figure out what she had sitting on top of a whole wheat bread:

Hi! I went to the store tonight with my family and told the lady I would like three footlong subs. she starts making a tuna sub for my daughters.

I asked about what is on top of the other sub. There was a weird orange spot on it. She said it was accidental cheese and I asked for another bread. I’m pregnant and have allergies! I don’t want to risk eating bread that is obviously not made right to have have items on it that are not suppose to be there.

I ask that all of the cheese be put on one side of the first sub she was making because one of my daughters is allergic to dairy. The lady doesn’t listen and puts it on the whole sub. I’m like “ma’am, please stop, my daughter is allergic to cheese, she cant have it on her sub”. She keeps putting it on the other half that is suppose to be cheese free. Im like “ma’am, my daughter cant eat cheese. i asked to have it all put on one side”

so she grabs it, throws it on the other side and then proceeds to put even more cheese on it. I’m like i dont want double cheese on it, cause now shes on like slice 8 on one side.

so she takes all the cheese and throws it into the counter where all the meats and stuff are.then she starts slamming more stuff around. At which point my husband said, lets go hun we are not eating here.

I asked for her name and the managers phone number. She refused to give me her name and left the area to start screaming and saying rude things my three year old and five year old did not need to hear.

My oldest starts crying and we left. The lady who was working there was just downright rude. I love going to the other subway because they are healthy meals. They are not healthy when they are made with items that I’ve told the clerk can harm and possibly kill my youngest daughter.

so we left, ate Chinese. every other subway will put the cheese on the side or all on one side without issues. It was a very bad experience with this lady!


But as for good news of last nights shopping trip?

I found cute heart buttons/ embellishments for the purses I am crocheting for my girls as part of their Valentines Day gifts.

We were able to match two of the colors of yarn to complete the curtains I’m making for the girls bedroom. Also grabbed some colors to match the sheets I’m crocheting a border to for their beds.

Got some more foam letters and stuff to work on the girls reading/ spelling.

They were happy with their new toys they picked out. Hubby and I did spoil them a little on this, but after that subway trip we wanted the girls to be happy and forget about the crazy experience.

They had a good deal on the filler/ stuffing for the pillows I made and am making.

More craft stuff for me 🙂 🙂

plus paint to redo our livingroom and dinning room. We have an idea on colors for the kitchen but will decide that AFTER we figure out counters and cabinets.


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