50 years!!!

13236281_1108487909190091_2122254057_n My family spent my husband’s 50th birthday at home yesterday. 🙂

I’d love to have been able to say I baked him his birthday cake. Sadly, he was the one to do that. I did sit down and frost and decorate it with our daughters. He also made just about everything for the cook out we did with extended family.

The girls were super excited to give him their birthday gifts. That was really fun trying to be sneaky about buying them without him knowing what was going on. Livy helped me pick them out while Abby went with him to another store. They came in to join up with us and I may have shooed him out the door. Meanwhile, Abby saw what we got him and yelled at him what it was on his way out. Luckily he didn’t hear her! She can’t keep secrets! In fact she said part of it a few times before his birthday whereas, Livy just told him where hes not allowed to look at because the presents are there.

We got him a mixed drink / starter kit to go with the bar he is building in the house and a recipe box filled with various dishes of cooking with beer. I really hope he likes them! There are a number of tasty recipes I’m so looking forward to enjoying next year! And I totally get to enjoy them then since I was completely embarrassed buying them at the store!

It just seemed so awkward standing in line at a resister, with my big pregnant belly sticking out, while holding two liquor related items in my hands! I laugh about it now, but at the time I felt like worst parent ever!


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