5 dollar gift card…

A while back there was this insurance information thing my husband received in the mail. It said on it receive a free 25 dollar gift card for talking to them about it.

I talked to my husband about it and I mailed it in.

Today the insurance guy came out. The gift card was not 25 dollars as it stated on the paper he handed us, but rather 5 dollars. He said Ohio state law forbids more than 5 dollars.

Okay, sure. But why mail out paperwork that says otherwise? For that simple fact I would never consider doing any form of insurance or business with them. If the basic mail they send out is not true to the state I live in, why would I trust other important maters with that company?

The 5 dollar gift card was great and all, but the rest of it just seemed so untrustworthy? Ever deal with misleading promotions like that?




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