27 weeks today!

I’m 27 weeks along in this pregnancy today! My little girl is moving around more and more each day. Shes usually extremely active after lunch or shortly before bed.

I’ve totally hit the nesting stage of this pregnancy. I am finally getting my energy back and I’m on like turbo charge spring cleaning mode. There is SOO much that I want to get done, that its somewhat disappointing when it feels like nothing has got completed. Really though, I know the girls and I have done a lot. I’ve been doing super deep cleaning to clean out all junk drawers and every inch of space.

I have mostly been doing a ton of things to get better organization for our house.Like the girls book collection has completely out grown the space we had designed for a kids reading corner.. and other such things. So I’ve been working on doing some reorganization to keep the space practical, useful, and not so cluttered/messy feeling. Its still a work in progress, but I think I nailed it yesterday. 🙂 That is until we get to work on the spare bedroom and completely turn it into a library/ study.

The day is suppose to be a rainy one. I’m hoping to get outside some before the storm clouds visit overhead so I can get some of the flowers we picked up, planted. After that, I think I’m gonna go see about redoing our bathroom. Already got a new shower curtain and things to update the look for spring/summer. 🙂

Yay… winter seems to be over… and there is no snow in the forecast!



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