21 weeks!!!

I am pretty darn excited about making it to 21 weeks now in my pregnancy!

So far it has been a real long bumpy road with a ton of morning sickness around the clock. I’m still on prescriptions to try and prevent that, but to no real avail.


Sprite & Ginger ale have become my new best friend. Peppermint decaff tea use to help with this on my past pregnancies. Its not helping this time at all!

I’ve been craving Cesar salads like crazy. Those usually do stay down when I eat them. 🙂

If its not that I’m wanting potato anything! Like french fries, mash potatoes, or potato soup. The real good kind made from a real potato in a kitchen. Plus, chicken strips. They just sound so good dipped in mash potatoes and brown gravy.

The Baby!!!

The best part of this so far is feeling the baby move around. Its now getting to the point when I’m moving around I can feel them flutter and move about. Its such a welcoming sensation to know they are active and doing well in there!

My girls are real excited to meet the baby already.

Boy or Girl?

Though I have had ultrasounds done before every doctor appointment so far, the baby’s gender is still unknown.  I really hope my husband and I can find out what we are having. I really could care less if they are a boy or a girl. I just want to hold my baby!

If its a girl, as the tech said the baby might be…  We already have a ton of clothes and things I saved from having our first two daughters.  If its a boy, its not like we wont be getting them new clothes and things anyways…

We are only using two of our four bedrooms… so there is room for all of our kids either way. So really.. I just want to know, so I can start buying for a theme! I really want to crochet some stuff too! I need time for that!

Placenta Previa

I am still experiencing placenta previa. Its low/right over my cervix and hasn’t moved yet. The dr said there is still a chance for it to go up as the baby grows. So fingers crossed!

~knocks on wood~ There hasn’t been any bleeding this pregnancy like I had with Olivia. So in that regards its been a relief.  I’m really hoping it moves so I can do a normal delivery.  I’ve been taking it real easy too to avoid going into early labor again with a pregnancy.

So here is to praying for a healthy deliver in around 19 weeks!

Double Fortune cookie?

I thought getting this double fortune cookie last night was neat. It was nice reading that when I did. It really made me think about though right now, might be rather difficult as I’m so tired, hungry, and feeling bleh most of the time… this is all going to be worth it when I’m holding my littlest bit.

That really, there is no harm in relaxing and enjoying all this time as a stay at home mom with my kids. This time won’t go on forever. My oldest is starting school this year!!!


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