December 2017

Such a wonderful Christmas!

I had wished people Merry Christmas over on other media outlets and forgot my blog! I took this picture when I was still waiting for my kids to wake up in the morning.  🙂 They loved everything that Santa brought them. My family has been real blessed this year. I’m very thankful and grateful for
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♥. I just signed up for a new website that offers surveys and tracks your progress in doing healthy things like walking and sleep.  So far I did a survey and linked my fitbit. I’m at 497 points. 10,000 are needed to cash out!   

Christmas Dress for Barbie

Another first attempt for me here: Sewing a barbie dress (link to mylot article)!!! This was a lot of fun to work on and used a small scrap left over from making Abigail’s Christmas themed baking apron. I didn’t use a pattern. I did however use a piece of elastic in the waist to being it
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My completed Nativity Scene !

I started this the on monday at a friend’s churches night out for the ladies. I knew I wanted to add colors and do something a little different than just the white that was the example. I can’t help it…  I really love colors and have a hard time sticking to the standard! So on
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Its been so busy this Christmas time!

Today should be a great day to catch up on things! All rock painting classes and meet up groups are done. 🙂 There isn’t anything major happening until this weekend so today and tomorrow can just be spent watching holiday movies, baking, and getting caught up on cleaning. Aside from dishes, sweeping the floors, and putting
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Two skirts are completed!

Those of you that follow me on Mylot know I’ve been working on sewing a couple of holiday themed skirts. I finished two for the most part for my older daughters so they could wear to school today. I need to start on the third one for baby girl Delilah. I made matching hair ties
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Baking those cookies!

I had to giggle a ton when making cookies tonight with my three daughters. Delilah, my toddler, knows the general idea behind making cookies and was totally excited to get in on the fun. The only problem? she didn’t want to wait to mix everything together. She grabbed a spoon and went straight to scooping
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