15 cents for??

One of the local dollar generals is going to be doing a store remodel. To prepare for that they have marked down all sorts of food items and other merchandise to great deals up to 50 percent off. I came close to getting a few packages of Oreo cookies and other things since they would be well under 2 dollars once coupons and tax were applied. I however held myself in check as I’d rather see a smaller jean size than to stock up on sweets.

I did however pick up a few Betty Crocker baking mixes for garlic cheese biscuits to corn bread. Originally they were like 50 cents a piece. But they were signed for half off and then I had a coupon which took off about another 19% (it was a 5 dollars off a purchase of 25 or more, but I did go over a tad over 25 so it only took 19% off everything).

So in the end I paid 15 cents each after taxes were included too.

I haven’t used either of the mixes before. So I plan to make them and if they are good, its more than worth going back and buying a few more at those kinds of prices!

Do you like the Betty Crocker mixes?



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