14 + years… and its done… Kinda, sorta.

I apologize in advance if this post drips with some negativity. Its hard to be positive about the whole thing concerning experiences with my husband’s family.

Over a decade ago… I had started some Christmas afghans for my mother. 🙂 She LOVED Christmas and had all sorts of decorations for this holiday. I kid you not that she had all kinds of things for this season. What she didn’t have was afghans for the back of the couch and chair. Those were like the only things in her house that was not red, green, white or similar combination come Christmas time. So I had to fix that!

The first one was made with a Christmas variegated color pattern done in a shell pattern. It was about 5 feet by 8 feet. Perfect size to go over the back of her couch. I’d share pictures of it, but it sadly was destroyed when I made the foolish mistake to put something of mine out on display in my husbands house.

Then this afghan I had stopped about halfway through. My mother had passed away and my heart was in doing anything but work on this. I mean why make it? the person I wanted to give it to was now in Heaven.

So it sat for a while.. quite a few years.

I brought it out a few times to try and work on it. It was hard. I tried. I couldn’t do it.

Well then, all most all of the yarn that had been already bought years before… was given to someone else against my wishes (majority of my stash was given away, even though I had asked for this yarn and some others that were colors/patterns no longer available and I’d need them to finish projects already started).   So it continued to sit.

But I did find two skeins of the green left in my moms old sewing box. I never expected to find this there though its really not much of a surprise. She had bought quite a few of these skeins at walmart one year when it was on clearance after the holidays. She bought every Christmas one they had. I know, I helped her dig through the yarn bins to take out every one! I had raided my mom’s yarn stash to make both of these blankets 🙂

So I took this found yarn as a blessing.

So over the past few days, with my nerves being mostly shot thinking about the Hurricanes and my mom… I decided to work on it and finish it. Its like the size of a baby blanket or child’s blanket. Its as done as I’m ever going to get it anyways.

I miss my mom very much and really wish she was still around, so I could give this to her.  🙁


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