Finally, filled!

I have finally decided what I will put in the canisters I received for free!

I was having a hard time at first because right now my family is basically preparing food in a miniature kitchenette. We are in the works on remodeling the house and its taking a bit longer than anticipated. So counter space along with shelf space is just all in high demand. Our counter is literally an old closet door!

So I put my tea in the first free canister. Its super handy and the green tea bags were just in a box on the microwave. I had some of the regular tea bags in a Christmas canister I had bought last year in the after Christmas clearance sales. This way they are all together and I don’t have to worry about them getting accidentally wet.

The second canister I used to store in some of the pre-packaged snacks my girls enjoy from time to time as a special treat.

Then in the third one I gone ahead and put the packages of cool-aid and other similar drink mixes. This one will probably switched out for more pre-packaged snacks but for now it works!



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