sugar cookie day

July 9th is sugar cookie day!

sugar cookies can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors! If there is anything I have learnt is its really hard to make a mistake when making them. I have blundered through a number of sugar cookies from package mixes to from scratch and they all come out quite tasty. They are also easy to tailor to themed parties, holidays, and events.

It was the first cookie I tried making as a family for my 25 days of cookies for Christmas! Its been a blast ever since!  do you like making sugar cookies? I do!

Things to do today to celebrate sugar cookie day

1. Enjoy a sugar cookie!

2. Decorate and/or bake some sugar cookies.

Sweet 1! Sugar cookies! (Christmas cookies)

Cookies for the Cleveland Browns Game! (football themed cookies)

pinata and monster cookies !

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